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HOBS social learning platform

We at HOBS have close contact with youths and adults with overweight and obesity. In contact with the target group, it is regularly found that there is no knowledge to improve their own health and a social context that can provide power and courage to do so. At the same time, healthcare issues and the question of how the profession can increase the target groups participation and better reach the knowledge and support available.

General Heritage Fund

With project funds from the General Heritage Fund, we have developed HOBS Social Learning Platform, www.hobs.se. The platform bring together individuals, healthcare and research in a completely new way and is thought to be the spider in the network in the work on overweight and obesity issues. A corresponding concept is missing and has been requested not only in Sweden but also internationally.



The platform developed in patient collaboration is based around zones. The social zones are for conversation and exchange of experience, which we have been requested by the target group. The knowledge zones gather information films on different themes, study material for individuals and groups, information from health care agencies, and research and studies that are reproduced in an easily accessible manner.