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Welcome to HOBS!

National Association HOBS - Health regardless of size is an ideal organization that works with health and issues related to overweight and obesity. We work for everyone's right to meet with respect in society and look at health as a holistic concept consisting of physical, mental and social factors.

Political influence

The activities that are party politicall and religiously united have existed since 1995 and run completely without profit. We work actively with health issues for everyone's right to equal care, focusing on the individual's conditions to create a healthy and positive view of health. We work to highlight our members' views and experiences at local, national and international levels through cooperation with county councils, municipalities, school and childcare, politicians and non-profit sectors.

Local Associations

Health (everyone's right to equality), understanding (for their own behavior, but also the understanding of society) and responsibility (for their own health) are the foundations of the union and permeate HOBS's activities. In several places around the country there are local associations, offering call groups, various activities and the opportunity to contribute to better care.