I will thank you from heaven, later

Questions for discussion 

  • The bullying of Colin in the film is very physical. Is bullying of overweight girls different? In which way?
  • Why do many overweight students choose not to take part in gym lessons?
  • Or, for example, choose to wait till last to shower and change their clothes?
  • Eight out of ten overweight students state that the worst of being overweight is the treatment from adults and fellow students they receive. Can you give any comments?
  • What legal rights does one have with respect to bullying and abuse?
  • Why do you think Colin entrapped Theo with the project work about the parliamentary system. Theo would be caught out and accused of cheating. Was that a clever move of Colin?
  • Colin was seriously abused and fast taped to a lamp post because of his “revenge”. Could Colin have acted in a different way?
  • One of the teachers remarked: “They have eaten themselves to their overweight”. Understood, “those who are overweight have only themselves to blame”. “They suffer from bad character”. These comments are commonly heard about overweight persons. What are your opinions about this attitude?
  • Did Carro do the right thing when she contacted the police, about the clip on You Tube? Is that being a “snitch”?.
  • Many overweight students have or had thoughts about suicide. What signs should one look for if a friend is suicidal?
  • Which sign did Colin give in the film, t.ex.? (Possible answers)
  • Colin’s sister found by chance, his suicide links on the family’s computer.
  • Colin gives away his dearest possession. He puts his I-pod in Carro’s locker. As a young person, what can one do when a friend shows suicidal signs?
  • Today there are many suicide sites on the web. Should these sites be allowed to continue within the law?  Or should they be classed as unlawful? What are your thoughts?