I will thank you from heaven, later
Teacher’s instructions
Here below you can find a short description of the material targeted to youths.
Rules for conversation and discussion
  • Distinct rules
  • Respect for everyone’s right to express themselves, i.e. students should not interrupt a speaker.
  • The right to express ones opinion in relevant subjects, but it is forbidden to insult or bully the persons in question


Practical tips
  • The film contains evening and night time scenes. It is therefore suitable to show the film in a dark room.


After the film
  • Spontaneous reactions from the class/students
  • Discussion/questions for the different scenes in the film
  • Discussion/questions about overweight, obesity and treatment


Directly after the film
  • Allow spontaneous reactions
  • Take time to allow the students to ventilate the spontaneous reactions


After the spontaneous discussions
  • When the discussions start to ebb, an alternative dialog can enable further discussions using the questions below


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