I will thank you from heaven, later

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Overweight Colin has always hated school! He cannot stand the bullying and the abuse…….
The film made by youngsters in Sweden ”I will thank you from heaven, later” has been appreciated and noticed at the film competition World Media Festival in Hamburg.

The film is based upon real situations and is incorporated with the nationwide organisation HOBS, working with children and youths to prevent bullying of young people that suffer from overweight and obesity.

”I will thank you from heaven, later”, is directed by Jan Linell.
The film is 30 minutes long and is directed towards children and youths from 13 year and upwards. Along with school personnel, parents/guardians, nursing staff and leading figures in voluntary organisations.
”I will thank you from heaven, later” is about a teenager called Colin, based on real life.

We experience his everyday difficulties with bullying in school at home and in his sparetime.

It is a moving film which shows what Colin experiences when others comment about his overweight, calling him fat and stupid.

Colin has hated school from day one! It was there his hell started with elephant signs and other childish teasing, in the infant and senior grades.

Cause: Colin weighed a little more than his friends. Teasing later changed to real bullying and abuse in the ninth grade and secondary school. School friend, Carro is the only one who can see Colin’s misery and who dares to intervene, but almost too late. On an ordinary school morning Carro finds Colin’s dearest possession, an I-pod and a farewell note from Colin in her locker.