I will thank you from heaven, later

Questions regarding discussions about scenes from the film

  • Could Colin’s situation occur at this school?
  • Is there graffiti depicting “bloody fatso”?
  • Has anyone here seen or heard of anyone being bullied because of their overweight at this school?
  • Why do you think Colin gets angry with the gym teacher Tobbe, when he is scolded? Tobbe is the only adult at school who tries to help Colin
  • When Colin came late to the classroom because of the abuse he        suffered. Why didn’t Carro dare to tell anyone?
  • Is there anyone here who would dare to intervene, if there was a gang of bullies, known for figh-ting and abuse?
  • What is required for intervention?
  • When Colin at 10 years old, visits the school nurse with an injured knee.
  • She instead comments his stomach! What are your spontaneous feelings?
  • Is there anyone here who has experienced similar situations? Do you feel the need to discuss your own experiences?
  • What are the requirements to be a good school nurse?
  • What reasons do you think Colin has, for hiding sweets in his room?
  • What are your thoughts about how Colin’s mother deals with his overweight? He hides sweets in his room and therefor manipulates his mother.
  • What do you think about the gym teacher? How should he have acted on the football field? Co-lin was teased and bullied when the teacher couldn’t see?
  • Is it acceptable for the teacher to allow the students to choose who should be on which team? What risks are there?
  • Why do you think Colin has confidence in Jenny, his health coach?