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Weight bias and stigma: implications for access to obesity care

Föreläsare: Ximena Ramos Salas, PhD, Research Consultant, European Association for the Study of Obesity 

Måndag 6 mars, kl 12.00-13.00

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There has been a lot of discussion in the media and the public about obesity as a risk factor for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancers.  Many compare obesity with smoking as a risk factor for cancer, for example.

The belief that obesity is a behavioural risk factor drives the public narrative that obesity can be prevented by just eating healthier and exercising more.

The primary message to the public is that individuals should be responsible for their own weight and that obesity treatments such as medications and surgery are the "easy way out" or that these treatments are not "dealing with the root cause of obesity."
The recent backlash against clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of childhood obesity in the USA is an example of deep societal weight bias and obesity stigma.
In this presentation, we will learn how the narrative that obesity is a risk factor for other chronic diseases and not a disease in itself is driving inequities in obesity care. We will also learn why obesity is a chronic disease and not a behaviour, requiring lifelong evidence-based treatment and support.

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