My Experience of Public Appearances

Publicerad 2021-02-11 12:59 Krönikör Anne

Appearing in public is the absolute worst. Every time I visit the grocery store, I have to go through a series of humiliations that just does not end. Be it either that the people do not think that or they do, I still feel ashamed and humiliated of my appearance. Whenever I have to buy snacks when friends come over or just because I feel like eating chocolate or cake, I feel self-conscious about people's looks. I am not saying that people look at me in a judging way but rather, I feel that they look at me in a judging way. This does not only happen in the grocery store but everywhere else. When I walk from the bus stop to the station, from home to the grocery store, from school to home, and any other place you can think of. This feeling of insecurity or not being confident about my experience also makes me wear clothes that are bigger than what I need to wear. These oversized clothes somehow act as a shield from the disapproving glances from people. To clarify, I am not blaming the people around me for my feeling of insecurity. However, it would make a huge difference if I did not feel the way I feel when I go outside. Trust me, insecurity is not the best feeling in this world. I haven't even started talking about how I feel when I am surrounded by friends at school. Every PE lesson is absolute torture. I like working out and running. However, with my body, I cannot keep up with everyone else in my class. This is the ultimate embarrassment. I used to feel so insecure at the beginning that I would skip PE classes just for the sake of experiencing insecurity. However, I know for sure that it helps when the people around you are a bit accommodating of your appearance and help with your insecurity. My friends and classmates made me feel safe to the extent that I stopped skipping PE lessons. They encouraged me to try my level best. My PE teacher also encouraged me. He helped to improve my grades by giving me tips on how to last during a workout routine. I guess what I am trying to say is that you don't have to feel insecure about your body. It does not help one bit. On the other hand, try to talk with the people around you. This was the one thing that I learned from my experience. More importantly, if you thought you were alone in your insecurity, you are not. It is also really important that you realize that you should feel confident about your body. More than the physical tool on your body by being unhealthy, the emotional stress you put on your mind by being uncomfortable with the way you look, is much more harmful to yourself. Let us all try to not gain any more weight and work to feel confident about ourselves.